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Thread: Weird internet connection lost

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    I have cable internet. Ok..sometime i turn on my computer and open up kazaa and leave it on while i go to do sumthing else while kazaa is downloading stuff. Then when i return after like a 30 min break i open up internet explorer and i can't get on the net. But kazaa is still working find, kazaa is still connect to the internet and is still downloading files. How do i get internet explorer online again?


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    Get rid of that POS Kazaa. ;)

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    what do u mean by "POS Kazaa".

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    I hope all the mods will excuse me out here...:p
    JDang "POS Kazaa" means "Piece Of Sh*t Kazaa" (sorry everyone). Actually its really a damn collection of all the rubbish spywares you can ever get.
    Though its against forum rules to discuss kazaa out here but i will take the risk.
    Take Kazaa outta ur machine and install Kazaa Lite instead.
    Its lighter on your sys resources and is without any spyware either. Another thing you can do is to limit bandwidth access of Kazza cos when you leave your puter for sometime, Kazaa takes over all the bandwidth avaliable (thats wat seems in ur case). So limit ur reserved bandwidth for Kazaa to something comfortable and believe me buddy Kazza surely is POS...:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :hammer:
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    I'll start with the basics.

    If you have already done this, then please tell me.

    Hit tools, internet options then to the programs tab click "reset web settings"

    This will (obviously) set everything to default.

    Get adaware while you're at it ( you got spyware on your PC :P
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