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Thread: trap error 0006

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    Im having pc problems again!
    'I started up my pc to play bhd last night and what do ya know something frked up..Im getting an error that wont let me in..

    It says "trap 0006" now to me this means just another bill gates ****roach.. but to others mabee this is not a big drama

    If ya can help me on this matter please,please,please come and do so, or if not iwill pick this piece of **** up and through it down the road..

    Evo:headbang: :angry:

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    Seems that your running OS/2. I thought that was long gone. Anyway you'll probably have to reinstall, as this says your .exe file is corrupt. From a google search.

    Trap Messages. Those OS/2 error messages that cause the weak to faint and the strong to cower. :{)>

    Well, it's not THAT bad. Trap messages can be informative of a program that is misbehaving, or a hardware problem. Here is a quick table of trap messages from Gebran Krikor:

    ================================================== ============================
    Trap # Function OS/2 HELP MSG (SYSxxxx) Likely cause under OS/2:
    ================================================== ============================
    0000 Divide error 3184 division by zero by OS/2
    0001 Debug exception shouldn't occur
    0002 NMI Interrupt memory parity or 387 error
    0003 One Byte Interrupt shouldn't occur
    0004 Interrupt on Overflow 3185 from INTO instruction
    0005 Array Bounds Check 3191 from BOUND instruction
    0006 Invalid OP-Code 3176 usually a corrupted .EXE
    0007 Device not Available from ESC or WAIT instruction
    0008 Double Fault shouldn't happen
    0009 Reserved by Intel
    000A Invalid TSS (Task State Segment) OS/2 bug - not a common bug
    000B Segment not Present Can be a program or OS/2 bug
    000C Stack Fault stack was ruined (not common)
    000D General Protection Fault invalid pointer (most common)
    000E Page Fault OS/2 bug, error in virtual mem
    000F Reserved by Intel
    ================================================== ============================
    (C)1992 Gebran Krikor * Freely distributable

    And all is not lost. A CONFIG.SYS statement could be a big help for most TRAP errors. Add this line in your CONFIG.SYS and you get a text file named POPUPLOG.OS2:


    The misbehaving program is shutdown and OS/2 writes to the POPUPLOG.OS2. Most the information is generally of use to an IBM Engineer or the author of the program.

    Here is a sample entry from the POPUPLOG.OS2 from my system:


    03-15-1997 22:49:02 SYS3175 PID 001d TID 0017 Slot 00b1
    P1=00000001 P2=00001000 P3=XXXXXXXX P4=XXXXXXXX
    EAX=17921134 EBX=00001000 ECX=00000000 EDX=00001010
    ESI=00000000 EDI=00000010
    DS=0053 DSACC=d0f3 DSLIM=1fffffff
    ES=0053 ESACC=d0f3 ESLIM=1fffffff
    FS=150b FSACC=00f3 FSLIM=00000030
    GS=0000 GSACC=**** GSLIM=********
    CS:EIP=005b:1f9a905a CSACC=d0df CSLIM=1fffffff
    SS:ESP=0053:00d43f0c SSACC=d0f3 SSLIM=1fffffff
    EBP=00d43f40 FLG=00012206

    SEAMLESS.DLL 0001:0000905a


    If you want further information, TRAP.ZIP is an OS/2 INF file that lists all the OS/2 trap messages in more detail.

    For a little fun, TRAPJOKE.ZIP is a joke program, that only displays a trap screen on an unsuspecting co-worker. (To get rid of the screen, DO NOT REBOOT! Use CTRL-C to clear the screen!) :{)>

    Also here, is the full graphic image of a trap message, TRAP.BMP.

    I hope you enjoyed this little hompage. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at the address below.

    Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Mail them to me right from here.

    Steven Grim -- [email protected]

    This page hosted courtesy of MindSpring.


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