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Thread: Win XP Chopping problem

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    Using Windows XP, without any service packs.
    I went to and had it automatically download 28 'hotfixes' (which in my opinion aren't too hot anymore)
    They all failed when I tried to install, I knew something was up when it took forever to install in the first place (approx. 30 minutes)
    I go back to, check Previous Install History, and it shows that Media Player 9 installed Fine, but everything else Failed. I manually uninstalled every hotfix, which in the end did nothing but waste 3 hours time. Everything runs really slow, especially restarting the computer.
    If anyone has encountered this or knows of any fixes it'd be GREATLY appreciated, thanks!

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    I didn't have any slowdowns but I clean installed XP using the quick format. I've seen many posts with your particular problem and everyone recommended a clean install.

    I would also suggest to take the opportunity, if you haven't done so already, to partition your drive with 5Gb for XP and the rest as you want and install your apps to your other partitions so if your OS screws up you don't lose everything on your drive. Good excuse for backing up.


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    "everything runs slow" - there are just too many variables to work out what this could be without a lot of back and forth. My recommendation for a guaranteed solution:

    1. Reformat and reinstall
    2. Install SP1
    3. Download all additional updates from Windows Update
    4. Use my 2 tweak guides (both in stickies at top of this forum) to tweak everything up to speed.
    5. If problem persists, you'll know it is purely hardware-based (e.g. BIOS). Follow my System Optimization Guide and 2nd XP guide to troubleshoot hardware errors and optimiize BIOS.

    That's the quickest and easiest way to make sure you have a fast, trouble-free machine. Note, as for your worries about SP1, my 2nd XP guide has more info about troubleshooting SP1 and proper way of installing it.

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    Thanks for the help guys! I'll give that method a try Persian

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    Another thing that you can do is never to let windowsupdate site to install the updates automatically. Its always best to download all the updates from the corporate site at a confortable location on your HD and then install it from there.
    Usually lots of updates, especially related to winxp rather than IE, require restart and creating of restore points everytime they are installed but nothing of that sort happens when you install from web directly. This might cause problems and even failed installs in some cases.
    Here's the link to download your wanted updates from...
    Latest Microsoft Security Updates.
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    10th MARCH

    If you are a security freak: Use Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (NT/2000/XP/2003)
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