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Thread: I've got troubles, right here in River City... (SVCHOST out

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    Lost my cable internet access on what I refer to as my "mainframe," (1.7 P4 512 meg ram XPP) and I've put hours in trying to restore it.

    I can't help but think that part of the problem is somehow related to "SVCHOST.EXE" which shows up 3 or more times simultainiously in "processes" but one of the instances, located in "SYSTEM" sucks up all avbailable CPU power, running as high as 98%. When I eliminate it ("END PROCESS") CPU usage drops to about 5 to 10%.

    Short of :hammer: this thing, how do I tame the SVCHOST.EXE tiger?

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    To start with, here's some more info on SVCHOST.EXE here and here

    Most people have multiple instances of it, but the fact that it's taking up so much CPU time is a worry.

    It's difficult to troubleshoot from here, but try the info above and it may refine what the problem is for you.

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    Here is something from M$ KB...svchost
    This way you will be able to know which services are running behind that specific svchost process and then you can try dignosing it from their. It could be some service trying to access some files or doing something else which is putting that much extra load on CPU.
    Check all the services behind the culprit service and then try stopping them or disabling them one by one using PI's guide. This would help you to know whats causing the trouble.
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