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Thread: How long you've been up???

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    Now I said before, "Basically though if it don't need fixin' why screw with it?" but if it does need fixin' then I'll update/do whatever is necessary but I find these probs out at the time of buildin'/settin' up (24/5 of full on stress testin' here for each new PC built) so that by the time it's in general use all the bugs are gone one way or another (I hate to do things more than once). 110% stabilty is what I ask for and won't stop till I get it but once gotten I leave well enough alone and just use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PersianImmortal
    So how in 2 months do you guys avoid all of that?
    Youll find that people (not necessarily from here of course, just in general) boast about their uptimes just as much as they do about their latest 3Dwank score. The semi-serious gamer/tweaker up for 2months? 1month? no way.

    Speaking for myself, I only run my server-based systems for months on end. They are built specifically for that task, with 0 downtime. (downtime=lost money in the big world)
    Build em, stabilise em, customise em, then leave them well enough alone. Its currently the ONLY way i know of minimising ****ups.

    Client-wise, it goes down a few dozen times a day. (unless im in linux, havnt needed to reboot for a software install for a while now....hardware/settings changes (usually) let me chug along fine without the need for a reboot too). Unfortunatly, linux doesnt offer me gaming etc. Ill need Windows for that game of Haegmonia still.

    Software wise, Win2k adv server for the pdc, giving .net rc2 a burl at home. Looks the goods.
    Win2k pro clients. Had XP, it failed many tasks, back to 2k. 9x doesnt play nice with advanced (heck- even basic) networking, so its use is nil.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiggo
    110% stabilty is what I ask for and won't stop till I get it but once gotten I leave well enough alone and just use it.
    So we have one member in our perfectionists column...anyone else...apply fast. Limited vacancy...filling fast...:D
    Seriously saying...i am one of those who will keep fiddling with his puter untill its time to format. May be its cos I am still in my early learning stages...
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