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Thread: Windows Longhorn Tweaking: From Slow to Stellar

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    Okay, I hope this is not illegal.....:o :o
    I have been hearing that you must crack the Alpha Build or something. So how do you do it. I have been hearing about these corrupt ISO files that you have to crack
    Can Anyone e-mail me how to, or tell me right here
    ??????:?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
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    I no longer use LH, but for some copies floating around the 'net, I believe 'fixes' were available. The copy I had was pre "fixed," and most likely the majority of copies floating around are already fixed. *cough* WINBETA!!!. Make it noted that winbeta only releases *beta* software, and does not release retail software of any kind!

    EDIT: There is a new build, I believe it's called 4015 but I am not sure :).
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    Default there any ideas when Lonhorin is gonna come out?

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    Why will Longhorn be so good? What will make it the best thing?

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    enough guys...: omg:
    i m forced to close this thread cos i m not very sure that we won't see more posts like one by homeworld1031tx.

    the guide is here and will be here but i think we don't need a discussion abt it.
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