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Thread: Windows Problem or Winamp

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    Hi Everyone .. got a problem that started occuring yesterday and dont know how to fix it or how it even started. I am running Win 2K on my notebook and while at work I listen to MP3's via winamp 2.65

    Yesterday for the first time .. whenever a song finished and the next started the volume of the Wave component was set to 0. I rebooted my PC and the same thing still occurs.

    Using WinMedia Player 9 is ok .. that that interface sucks humungo ?

    Any suggestions please

    Thanks in advance

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    It's unlikely to be Windows or your drivers doing it if WMP9 works fine. Have you tried reinstalling Winamp?

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    might as well give winamp 3 a try
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    Yeah and they have got a patched up version of Winamp 3.0 with lesser bugs...:thumb:
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    Its actually a mixed bag of bugs. Id first upgrade to Winamp 2.81, just for the newer, better compatible directsound & waveout .dlls
    Then go grab some new soundcard drivers for your laptop. May prove difficult depending on quality of your particular laptop.

    Open Winamp and set the output device to directsound instead of waveout. Directsound is a component of directx, so you wanna be upgrading that as well. (geez, with all these upgrades, im hopin you dont have 56k)
    You shouldnt get the wave=0 volume bug anymore. Stock win2k directx (v7 i think) is most to blame for this bug. IIRC the 7.1 upgrade to directx fixed this bug that existed on all windows platforms, it wasnt a win2k related thing.

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