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Thread: windows xp virtual memory

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    hey. i finished reading both the win xp guides and did alot of the stuff it said to do and notice an increase in the loading of some applications, but that's not what this is about

    i was thinking that since winxp uses the paging file (virtual memory) basically like extended ram, would it not be ok to disable the paging file if i have enough ram. windows still has its own virtual memory even if you disable it. i have already done this and have noticed no problems so far with stability. i have notices some programs acting differently, but not badly (ie. photoshop); and when i multitask between a game (ie simcity 4) and into windows to im or check the internet i gets kinda hectic. i just wanna know if there is any reason that i really should have paging file. I was also thinking that if there was any slowness or anything, couldn't i just get more ram?

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    i actually recomend that ppl turn it off if they have MORE than 512 (i.e. 1024), but 512 is border line and depends on what you use your computer for and if you have certain apps.

    if you are a serious photoshop user I would recomend that you leave it on...but if you only use it for mild work then you can probably get by with it off

    one pf tip: have the min and max size the same. I don't know if that was in those articles or not
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    I don't think you should switch your paging file off and at your state of 512...definitely NO!
    The virtual memory u r talking about is actually paging file you want to switch off or disable.
    Seriously buddy...stay away from that paging file till you haven't got another 512MB on board.
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    Definitely don't switch it off under 1GB, and in fact a lot of modern games with high texture settings will use well over 800MB or more of RAM+Virtual memory.

    However, even more importantly, some games and apps require that you have Virtual memory ON (even a small amount) otherwise you will have problems. I'm not just making that up either, it's known that setting Vmem to 0 causes problems with some games/apps :)

    So don't set it to 0 even if you have 1GB, set it to something like 1MB with that much RAM. With 512MB don't even think of switching it off...

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