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Thread: Fair Warning!

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    It's the amdman and chezman show again. Do you two always act in unison to shoot people's comments down?

    Hewal, you do make a valid point. As the forum owners, we could easily put in a disclaimer that says we have nothing to do with what gets posted, blah blah blah... In fact, I think there is one. and we probably could get away with it. BUT... that's not what we want to do. When you start talking about all sorts of illegal activities, legality aside, then you start attracting a different kind of crowd. This was evident when we pushed the edge with the Windows XP serial changer. The forums, to put it bluntly, turned to ****. It was like we'd opened the floodgates to all the depraved and desperate people out there. That's what made us clamp down even more. No one wants to go to a forum that's overrun by pathetic little requests everywhere.

    Also, I'm sad to say, I'll have to agree with Tweedledee and Tweedledum above me here. Americans seem to love their little constitution, and it seems to cloud their vision and hide the fact that all the other countries in the world don't actually use that same one.

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    I apologize if i offended you Chezman.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chezman29
    A. That is why its the USA's constitution. Not Australia's where the owner of this forum is from.

    B. Get a life, and your own forum so you can make the rules.

    C. Some people don't want to promote illegal process's, functions, or information and that is their right, not YOURS.

    D. Until you get smart enough and mature enough, which this

    shows your intellectualality and maturity, to get your own forum. Don't come here and impose your "rights to free speech" and what POLICIES you think should be attached to this forum.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hewal
    I apologize if i offended you Chezman.
    I wouldn't. He gets a little uptight at times. :D

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    I got a good excuse...hmmmm

    I was in the military for 4 years (during Gulf War I), THAT wasn't funny.

    I was a Pilot after that, you CAN'T be funny.

    I was a Country Sales Manager after that, that was NO fun.

    I was in Tokyo, Japan doing THAT.

    When is the last time you saw someone Japanese crack a SMILE.................NEVER :no:.

    Maybe it all rubbed off on me a little.............:p

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    It should make you appreciate 'fun' more then. :)

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