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Thread: My .exe files have changed its icon!!

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    The repaired files should be fine
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    if they aren't virus removal tools, then what are they? Cause obiously they don't work. AVG: I dled it once, but I don't like for this reason only : my friend dled a trial copy of it and it said that he had some big bad virus on it named deathkill.cpy. It struck me as very dubious that a copy extention is a virus and then the program woulden't let him get rid of it. I even searched the net for this virus; no such thing.

    What do you mean dump the p2p utility I have?

    btw, Norton is only a sys hog if you don't have a lot o mem, or set the blood hound all the way to maximum protection. Me on the net right now I usualy have 160 megs of free ram left out of 256 and no performance problems. The trick is to not let norton do anything on its own. especialy the default directory it chooses. I don't know why, but choosing a different one helps in some of the bugs that it has, crashing etc...etc..not a lot of bugs, but most are fixed with the regular updates.: party ha
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    good for you that your NAV is working fine :cheers:
    btw tell me, what all do you know about viruses and how much have you ever read about viruses?
    not much right? how come you can say that a .cpy file extension can't be a virus? oh yeah i are omniscient. you know everything!
    but i will do a bit of stupidity and share a bit of info with you to tell you that most of the dreaded and quite infective viruses, including "Klez" and "FunLove" create .cpy file on your machine and hog your systen restore with their copies, which infact ARE with .cpy entensions.
    about program not letting him get rid of it, well must know that some times you have to delete the file and you just can't repair this thing. in my view the file you are talking about was in system restore and in such cases you have to switch the system restore off and then turn it on again to get rid of all the infected .cpy files! btw what virus are you talking about? can we have its name.
    pal...if you think that only .exe files are viruses, well and good...keep thinking that : peace2:
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    Or1()n, free memory has nothing to do with system resources.

    bigjackusa gave us an excellent explanation of resources in this post;

    Well worth giving it a read!
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.

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