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Thread: dual boot and memory

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    Im dual booting with win me and win xp
    I mostly use win xp now
    but want to keep win me as backup os

    at the mo I have 512mb ddr ram installed which is fine for both os

    i have a spare 256mb ddr ram

    however this screws up win me if i have 768mb ddr mem installed

    my questions

    do I need the extra memory in win xp

    i mostly just play online q3

    If so is ther a way to install 768 mb and still be able ti use win me


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    If you can't run WinME with the 768MB of memory, then you're going to be stuck with the 512. Since both OS' reside on the same hardware platform, there isn't a way to ignore one of the stick of RAM when using WinME.

    Just a question, though...
    Why Are you even bothering with ME anyway? It has proven to be one of the poorest OS' that Microsoft has ever developed, and doesn't really offer anything that cannot be found in XP (not even true DOS support). WinXP is pretty stable, and doesn't really require a "Back-up" OS unless it is Win98 for some of the older legacy games (Duke Nuke'em 3D and such).
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    Yes anything with more than 256meg ram and you will need Win2k/XP, which you already have. So id just wipe WinME and then pat yourself on the back. You did good today! :thumb:

    Then slap that stick of ram in, and WinXP will thank you with many frags in q3a.

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