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Thread: System Restore

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    I have a question concerning System Volume Information under XP. There is two different restore points under this. I found it using DriveScan by OB. One was created back in December and the other one was from yesterday. The reason being is I swapped out motherboards yesterday. My question is can I delete the restore point from back in December. That basically has all the information from my computer with the old motherboard. It is taking a lot of space up on my C drive about 1.8-1.9 gigs or so. I do have DiscImage would that be better than the restore point on XP. Hope this makes sense. Thanks!


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    I generally try not to delete files out of this particular area because it can sometimes frag the system completely!

    However, you can Control Panel --> System --> System Restore tab. Make sure the desired drive is highlighted and then click the Settings button. In this window you can tell the system how much (or how little) drive space to use for your system restore data. Once you set it, the system will adjust the file sizes of current restore information to meet the new criteria you just set.

    Hope this helps. :D
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    the answer will be yes, you can delete the older system restore points and keep your latest system restore point intact.
    go to "Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Disk Cleanup.
    In the window that pops up click the tab "More Options". Click on "Clean Up" under "System Restore". it will ask you that whether you want to delete the older system restore points. click on "Yes" and you will be done.
    Darthtanion's advice is a good one to follow. If you do lots of changes to your PC settings and install lot of softwares, system restore might hog lot of disk space and you will be better of mentioning the space you want it to use.
    Cleaning your disk off restore points by the method i just explained is another ideal way to save on disk space.
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