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Thread: Dual-Boot OS's and hiding

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    Hi Everyone
    Well am not new to computers or installing OS's but I have a question thats been nagging me.

    I have a dual-boot system with Win98se and XP Pro, using 2 drives, WD 160 gig w/8meg buffer and the other WD 40 gig.
    My WD 160 is split as 2 drives each 75 gig a piece and the 40 gig as is. Win98se is using FAT32 and labled as C: drive, XP Pro is using NTFS as D: drive and the 40 gig as FAT32.

    I think that about covers it for info stand-point.

    When am looking at my drives in XP Pro, I see all the drives listed correctly, when using 98se I see C: and E: drive both using the fat32 system.

    NOW, my question is this, When am in XP Pro, I wonder how one can hide the C: drive, the one using win98se ?

    Reason, When installing games, it wants to install to the C: drive,well I know its possable to change the path but maybe am beating my head agaist the wall, HOW can I hide the C: drive with 98se on it and get XP Pro to see its the C: drive ?

    A big thanks to all those who answer.

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    you can hide partitons, but it affects all windows if you hide one, nothing will see it or be able to use it

    at least this is the case with the method I am familiar with

    you don't see the ntfs partitions under win9x because those OSs can't read ntfs
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    If you download the Powertoys from Microsoft you should still be able to hide drive letters. Someone running XP & powertoys will have to confirm it, but i can do it in Win2k.

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    well thanks guys

    I guess it would be wishful thinking if there was a way to turn it off and on, we all know using 3rd party utilitys likes to hose the MBR's and kernal code.

    Just the same, I really thought I was missing something that I should have remembered but I just had to ask.

    Again thanks

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