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Thread: Disappearing Directorytree Icons?

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    EDIT: Screenshot Here

    Ha, after reading tons of articles on TweakTown itself I thought it was time to register and post a question of my own -- something i have been annoyed with ever since I installed XP.

    It is somewhat an odd problem and later I concluded it occured when renaming partitions to a new drive letter. Ok, let me sketch the situation. In your directorytree in the File Explorer (or however it is called in English) you usually have the following layout for one line in the tree:

    + (icon) Name

    The plus can also by a minus sign .. you know, the button to expand a tree. So far example for a drive you have:

    + (driveicon) System (C:)

    Unfortunately, after renaming my partitions, these icons I am refering to disappeared. I am sure there has to be some fix for it by playing around in regedit but I totally have no idea where to look at. I did some searches but no luck.

    It might sound like a stupid problem but hey .. got to get things perfect ;) Thanks in advance,

    PS: Of course, a working solution would be a reinstallation but I am not up for that .. yet.

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    Even though I didn't find a solution to your problem, I thought I'd let you know you're not being ignored. I didn't repartition, but I tried several different things and could not intentionally set my Explorer window to look like yours. I had hoped that I could find a way to do it as then I would know how to fix it. If you run into a solution somewhere else, I would be interested in knowing what it is.

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    No problem :) I know this is one of the odd problems and all I hear is 'format/reinstall' :|

    I am positive it happend when changing the drive letters of my partitions so I have been going through the registry to find something that defines a certain path for these icons or whatsoever.

    The interesting thing is that when using CuteFTP's Explorer I do see the icons so they do excist. Problem is .. they're not loaded or can't be found.

    Of course, that's my guess. Thanks for the reply and I'll let you know whenever I find a solution.

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