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Thread: Question about sp1.

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    Ok here's the deal, I know this guy who is running a P4 with XP-PRO and he has not any problems with his computer at all. He has know decided to install sp1 on his computer. I told him not to bother as he don't have any problems at all. But he just won't listen. He thinks that every update is always neccessery. He has alot of programs sutch as photoshop, games etc installed on his main partion c: so it's not a clean install either which I read is the best to have before this sp1 installed.

    Anyway what can happen to his system if he go ahead and install it? Couldn't he actually cause problems he don't have atm with this action..:?: It's not my computer so I shouldn't really care but ya know..

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    Service Pack 1 should not cause any new problems with his system. I installed it fine on my computer and I already had many programs installed. A clean install is best but not necessary.

    I do recommend a clean install when upgrading to a completely new operating system (Like from Windows 98 to Windows XP Pro) as it will cause a noticable increase in performance, especailly in startup time compared to the upgrade.

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    Check this page of my 2nd XP guide for much more info on SP1, what it is, what it does, and how to install it correctly. You need to install SP1 if you want WinXP to work properly. EIther that, or manually go through Windows Update and install all the SP1 critical updates. Same thing either way, so why not do it in one hit with SP1.

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    I still don't recommend installing it unless you're doing a clean install of WinXP. When I first installed it, I was unable to access my multiple email accounts through Outlook Express and my internet speeds decreased. But I did install it when I did my last reinstall (when I changed chipsets) and it works fine.

    If you install it over your existing Windows, you can expect at least some problems. The severity of them will just depend on the system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The__tweaker it's not a clean install either which I read is the best to have before this sp1 installed.
    i think you answered your question yourself. yes clean install is best before SP1 installation but then that holds true for every other windows install too. fresh install will be best for every is best but not a must!!!
    i have seen SP1 working quite well on PC with photoshop, corel draw and macromedia flash and it was not a fresh install. follow PI's guide and take all the precautions. SP1 has been launched to make XP work smoothly...its not there to screw the systems.
    updates help you run your PC faster and with more stability. i wonder why you are so sceptical about it. if there would have been any such problem and that too with such huge impact there would defintely have been a release from M$ site abou it.
    now i feel that people are making too much out of SP1 and problems related to it.
    if you remember we had a thread related to SP1 and problems related to it, but nothing much came out of it ;)
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    i totally agree Darthtanion 's opinions!!!!!
    absolutely!!!!:hammer: :hammer:
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