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Thread: Winxp pro boot up...

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    Hello All. I fallow "WinXP: From Reformat to Relax" guide A-Z and my xp pro still boots up very slow. Is there anything else I can do to fixx this problem?

    PS: My desktop comes on fast, but when i click on my LAN icon to connect to internet it takes like a minute untill the window for the connection to come on. And right after a boot up if i click right mouse on the desktop to go to properties that also take very long.

    Thanks for any input.

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    I have the same problem, more or less. It reaches my desktop quite speedy, but once there, it has to load Panda anti-virus, windows messneger, and Zone Alarm. Surprisingly, this takes my computer about 5 minutes. I thought it was my hard drive, which is getting old, but maybe not? Ive implemented most of the more common tweaks, but never have time to go through the entire guides here at TT.

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    Obviously first of all go through all the guides in detail.

    If you've done that and things are still slow, you might find that getting rid of some of your unecessary startup items (and some things really don't need to load at startup) will help.

    For example, I never run an Antivirus program in the background. I always load it up and run a scan once or twice a week as needed. It draws up a lot of resources if you have it loading at startup and running in the background.

    Next, LAN taking a long time to connect indicates a connection/hardware problem or incompatibility. It's basically taking that long because it's looking for the network and/or identifying the hardware. The XP Guides don't cover that aspect because it depends on the hardware, but go through the hardware settings thoroughly and make sure all the services you need for such a connection are set to Automatic or Manual (read the Black Viper services guide I link to in my first XP Guide for more info).

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