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Thread: Can I recieve faxes on XP will being online?

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    I've been using's free fax number, which has a limit of 20 faxes a month that I can get.

    I have XP pro, which has fax capabilities.

    Is there anyway to set this up to where I can recieve faxes while I'm online, using the same phone number I'm currently online with?

    I don't want to pay for the efax service because I used to use them and they over charged me, without doing anything about it, so I dropped them.

    If what I'm wanting to do is not doable, does anyone know of a good fax service I can use for incoming faxes only that's either free, or low cost?

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    I have seem some boxes that can split the phone line, for multiple uses. Can't think of them by name right now. Plus, I'm not sure if it requires something done thru your phone company. I'll see if I can find it again.

    Here's some.... do a search for 'phone line share'

    Here's 2 that may help:

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    these things look interesting and i m quite curious to know about them now!!!!
    but i have a question...

    these devices seem to keep one application or terminal or device on hold till the current job on hand is over.
    now my question is how will a person working on internet will be able to know that a fax is being sent to him. another thing is that if he starts to recieve a fax in between a dial-up session, wouldn't the connection to ISP will be disconnected? :?:

    though nice findings Corbinator :thumb:
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    Thanks Corbinator. I'll go check these out.

    I may look into getting a machine like the ones you provided links for, that can also answer my phone for me with a pre-recorded message that gives the caller the option of staying on hold (until I can answer the call) or leaving a message.
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