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Thread: weird problem...

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    Hello Fellas. Glad to see that the forum is back up and running:cheers: :cheers:

    I have a weird problem....On some web pages that I visit the pictures does not show, it will show for 3-4 seconds untill the page is loaded then it disappears.( it will be a just a dot instead of a picture.)

    For example in this page it wont show the dvd cover...

    Thank You for Your help.

    PS: It wont even show my avatar:(

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    Perhaps this error message that I got when clicking your link will point you in a direction to solve this.

    <EDIT>Forgot the paste:o

    Error - Identified an attempt to access the download page illegally

    The reason you are getting this error is either:

    Reason: You tried to link to this download page directly and not through the site (
    Solution: Please go to and download your covers in the normal way like everyone else.

    Reason: You are using a Firewall / Proxy / Anonymizer / Ad blocker that strips vital http headers and doesn't allow this page to load correctly.
    Solution: Make sure you are not blocking the HTTP_REFERER field. On various firewalls, especially from Symantec/Norton, this feature appears as the privacy settings. This has nothing to do with privacy and it's a standard HTTP protocol field. Please note that you don't have to disable the firewall, just enable the referer field.
    It might be needed to close all your browser windows and active refresh as explained in step 3.

    Reason: You are using an outdated link to access this page. Usually caused by old pages cached in your browser cache or ISP proxy.
    Usually the design on the outdated pages is different from the rest of the site (different logos, text etc.)..
    Solution: Go back and do an active refresh (CTRL F5 in IE or SHIFT RELOAD in Netscape) on the page with the covers list.
    For more information please read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

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    Thank you for the reply. I dont use any firewall or proxy and no antivirus. How can I check if i'm blocking the HTTP_REFERER field.?

    Thanks again.

    PS: Sorry about the link. That was just an example. visit that page and try to view the dvd covers. It would not show for me for some reason and thats not the only site that i'm having this problem.. I cant even see my avatar in here.

    Someone must have the answear to this:(

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    Are you using Internet Explorer? If so go to the tools menu and then internet options. Click on the advanced tab and make sure there is a check in show pictures under multimedia.
    You might also try this link

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