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Thread: firmware update

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    Hey all,

    Multi-part post here. The major problem deals with firmware, but there's a secondary problem that deals with booting.

    1) I'm attempting to install the firmware update on my MSI CD-RW (MS-8348) from 130D to 160D. I did this before, but I've since reformatted and reinstalled WinXP so I need to again. However, I'm getting a "Can't find CD-ROM/RW" message. Didn't get that one the last time I did this. I'm able to use my CD-RW jus fine (can play games, play audio, burn CDs).

    The instructions say to do the update process after booting to DOS, but the above was done just by typing into the command prompt and the resulting error.

    2) Attempting to boot to DOS, I'm unable to access my harddrive as it is in the NTFS format. Is there a way for me to get around this, or am I stuck in that regard?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Boot from a Win98 floppy that has the universal cd drivers on it. This will allow DOS to see the drive. Have the flash utility and update file on a floppy too. I usually copy these files to the ram drive that the boot floppy creates. Switch to the ram drive prompt and execute the flash app.

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    I may be off base here, but when you update the firmware of a component, doesn't it update the peripheral itself? If so, then a second update of the firmware shouldn't be required for a new Windows install since the component was already updated.

    Is this correct?
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    That's correct. Updating firmware physically updates the chip on the device (like flashing the BIOS), hence it has nothing to do with Windows. You only need to update firmware once, no matter how many times you reinstall the device or Windows.

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